I Love Colonoscopies
Tuesday, March 15, 2005
added info to the colonoscopies section on wikipedia
the wikipedia was woefullypedia short on information about colonoscopy preparation methods.

so i added some.

for those of you wondering about the effectiveness of virtual colonoscopies, i've heard they're
not as effective as real colonoscopies. if your doctor finds a polyp (pre-cancerous growth) in
a virtual colonoscopy, he or she will have to perform a real colonoscopy to remove it.

that's the whole point of colonoscopies -- finding and removing pre-cancerous growths.
(and making sure that they don't have a hospitable long-term home in your colon.)

i say go for the real thing. have a real colonoscopy. it's not that difficult a procedure
to undergo. trust me.

- phil

btw, i should say that undergoing the procedure without adequate sedation is probably not
a lot of fun. i've heard this sometimes happens. just ask for more sedation if you need it.
i've never encountered that situation. i would not be shy about asking if i did. i'd say something
like, "bubba, how about some more sedation so i don't get off this table and punch you in
the nose."

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